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Hi all.

I have now put together a homepage or at least th beginning of one.

I have tried to pick the best shoot from the worlds amost my picture and can now offer you to bey those and get some nice pics on the walls around. At least i think some of them is great.

http://www.vislerphoto.com/Sailing/Ok-worlds -2012/OK-Worlds-2012-1/24634128_q67VfQ#!i=2013411443&k=n zzBcGt

Please share info and maybe you need some pictures on the wall in the yacht club

Regarding copyright for my photos from the Championshiop: All my photos from the World Championship in OK dinghy can be used for free
by individuals and by newspapers etc. for articles etc. in relation to the Championship or to the OK dinghy class.

For public use please indicate the name of the photographer: Bo Svensmark.

The prints you can purchase via bosfoto.dk are sold at cost price, i.e. without any added fee

Thank you so much to Vallensbæk Yacht Club, to the Danish OK Dinghy Association - and to all the sailors - for letting take photos at the VM. It was really fantastic, and there were so many good motives and a perfect weather for photos, although you may have wanted some more wind. All my photos are now available for sale at photoboxgallery.com/bosok or via bosfoto.dk. Mvh -Bo

Et stort tak til Vallensbæk sejlklub, for et professionelt og uforglemmeligt stævne. Aldrig har jeg set så mange dedikerede hjælpere, som bruger deres optjente ferie væk fra familien, for at vi kan få et vm. Kenneth i sine Matt biondi shorts der resolut springer i bugten og skærer tovværk fri, vidner herom. Tak til formand Anja og alle hjælpere. I har noget specielt i jeres klub som i skal værne om.

Last report from danish media, minbaad.dk, great event:
www.minbaad.dk/nyhed/?tx_ttnews%5Byear%5D=20 12&tx_ttnews%5Bmonth%5D=07&tx_ttnews%5Bday%5D=28& ;tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=624687&cHash=0bf0ad696f22318dbf5 754b77a8b0a5c

While most proberly is just busy drinking beers.. well earned.. i got some of the pic from race 6 and 7 ready


More will come tomorrow

The preliminary list has Andre Budzien as the new World Champion
Greg Wilcox takes silver, while Thomas Hansson-Mild takes the Bronze

The protest time limit is 17.25, local.

Thanks Bilbo - I'll make sure to pass your message to all the volunteers & RC... I know that they have had a great week, and I sense that the sailors have enjoyed it too...

Congrats to you and your team Jakob. This has been a fabulous exercise. It has been brilliant to watch the racing unfold as it winds its way around the course. A shame Greg's tracker went south, but it has made the guesswork for final results even more tense for those of us at home.

We just discovered a typing error in the first preliminary result list (6 races)... a new version has been uploaded

Andre Budzien 19 points
Greg Wilcox 22 points
Thomas Hansson-Mild 28 points

... and yes... no connection to Greg's GPS....
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